Note: As of 2010 – this is no longer in development. If you are looking for a modern successor, consider PAW2U

MacPAF was sometimes known as MAF

MacPAF – “A personal genealogy program for Mac OS X, modelled after a previous version of PAF (Personal Ancestral File) for Macintosh called Family Records. This is a document-based Java-Cocoa implementation, intended to be familiar to previous users of Family Records.”

This is a free, open source, application that is being develoeped by Logan Allred. There is not a compiled/binary version available at this time, however if you are familiar with compiling and Cocoa, as well as CVS, you can download the source code from SourceForge (linked below) and compile the software. This is not officially a replacement to PAF/Family Records 2.3.1 (which hasn’t seen any development or updates in years), but rather is meant to replace PAF/Family Records for those Mac users who are still using it. This was originally going to be called MacXPAF.

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Release History
10 April 2006 – Second private beta released – released as a Universal Binary.

Screenshot Gallery:

Some of the features being targeted for MacPAF include:

    * Full support for GEDCOM 5.5 and 6.0
    * Allow multiple files open simultaneously
    * Support for photos and multimedia
    * Improved notes and sources
    * Compatibility with TempleReady for Windows
    * Integration with Internet resources like FamilySearch

Requirements: Mac OS X

Links – original websites, download
MacPAF Blog – the developer’s blog (NO LONGER WORKING)
MacPAF – Official MacPAF Site (NO LONGER WORKING) Summary Page

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