MacFamilyTree 7.0.3

Mac FamilyTree 7 for OS X Earlier today, MacFamilyTree 7.0.3 was released. You can launch the Mac App Store application and update from within there, or through the MacFamilyTree 7 app itself (click on the MacFamilyTree menu, then Check for Updates…).

This is a recommended update for everybody, especially those using FamilySearch, and/or who have larger databases. 7.0.3 focuses on updates and improvements – no new items were added.

MacFamilyTree 7.0.3 Changes
– Importing and exporting GEDCOM files improved
– Localization improvements
– Fixed crash when adding notes to events
– Sorting events by date fixed when viewing places
– Login issues to FamilySearch fixed
– Performance enhancements for larger databases
– Other stability improvements

You can pick up the demo through the Synium Software website or you can purchase it here: MacFamilyTree 7 (Mac App Store)).

Reminder: The upgrade pricing of $29.99 applies through July 31, 2013.

MacFamilyTree 7.0.2

Mac FamilyTree 7 for OS X MacFamilyTree 7.0.2 was made available a few days ago. It’s available through the Mac App Store update feature or from within the App itself (click on the MacFamilyTree menu, select Check for Updates…). This update to MacFamilyTree 7 is focused on improvements and bug fixes, with the addition of LDS status and temple information.

MacFamilyTree 7.0.2
– Placeholders in the additional name edit section can now be configured
– Several stability improvements, especially when using FamilySearch
– Norwegian translation improved
– Chart options improved for smaller displays
– Bug opening the integrated User Guide fixed
– GEDCOM media export fixed
– Issue fixed that could prevent saving an open database
– Support added for LDS status and temple information
– URL fields for media fixed
– Many other smaller fixes

And you still have just over a month to pick up the upgrade discount of $29.99 (ends July 31, 2013) – MacFamilyTree 7 (Mac App Store)).

MacFamilyTree 7.0.1

Mac FamilyTree 7 for OS X MacFamilyTree 7.0.1 has been released, and it’s the first update to MacFamilyTree 7. It’s available through the Mac App Store update feature or from within the App itself (click on the MacFamilyTree menu, select Check for Updates…). It’s mainly focused on bug fixes and localization fixes/improvements.

MacFamilyTree 7.0.1
– Norwegian localization fixed
– French localization fixed
– Swedish localization fixed
– Alignment fixed in the Notes and Sources sections
– Fixes for the Plausibility Report
– FamilySearch login issues fixed
– Family Quiz localization issues fixed
– Name Distribution Chart saving issue fixed
– Several stability improvements

Just a reminder, MacFamilyTree 7 (Mac App Store)) is still available at a special upgrade discount of $29.99 (US) through July 31, 2013.

Heredis 2.2.0 and ohmiGeneLite 5.37.0 Released

Heredis for Mac Heredis, which is still on sale in the Mac App Store for $38.99, has received an update that improves GEDCOM import/export.

Heredis 2.2.0 Changes:
– Improvement of the Gedcom import/export
– Other improvements

Heredis was originally going to only be on sale through June 9, 2013. If you have the iOS version of Heredis, it has been updated to match Heredis for OS X, with version 1.2.0 adding the same changes as above, and it can be updated through the iTunes/App Store.

ohmiGeneLite 5.37.0 has already been released, with 5.37.0 bringing a small update:
– Addition of a page for the transcription of certificates.

ohmiGeneLite can be downloaded from the ohmiGene website.

MacFamilyTree 7 Released, on Sale

Mac FamilyTree 7 for OS X MacFamilyTree 7 has been released, and it’s a major release to this OS X genealogy application! It’s now available through the Mac App Store (MacFamilyTree 7 – Synium Software GmbH) at a special upgrade discount of $29.99 (US) through July 31, 2013. It’s also celebrating it’s 15th year here in 2013!

This is a very massive upgrade, with a completely new interface. Among the improvements and changes:
– Uses iCloud to keep your devices up-to-date/in sync (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad)
– FamilySearch Access (free)
– One-click recording of direct relative’s data
– Updated/new charts and reports
– Virtual Globe – rewritten from scratch and can show the spread of relatives/families over time
– New Virtual Tree
– New Name Distribution Chart
– Save video and audio footage when interviewing contemporary witnesses
– Can share charts and reports easily across Mail, Facebook, Twitter, or Messages (OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion) with friends and relatives from within MacFamilyTree will be going in-depth on this new release over the next few weeks!

Software: OS X 10.7.5 or later
Hardware: 64-bit processor
Size: 184 MB
Languages: English, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Heredis for Mac – 35% off Through June 9, 2013

Update: As of June 10, 2013, it’s still $38.99!

Heredis for Mac Heredis, a popular genealogy application, is now on sale for 35% off through Sunday, June 9, 2013 on the Mac App Store. It went on sale last week.

In the US, it’s normally $59.99, and with the discount, it’s $38.99.

Heredis is a cross-platform compatible genealogy application that works across Macs, PCs/Windows, iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads. You can synchronize your genealogy data across all five platforms if they are using the latest versions of Heredis.

Recent Changes – Heredis 2.1.1 (March 2013)
– Stabilization of the application
– Localization updates
– Improvements of the interface
– Other improvements

Software: OS X 10.7.3 or later
Hardware: 64-bit processor
Size: 133 MB
Languages: English, French