iScrapBook 3.0.8, Metes and Bounds 3.3.1

iScrapBook 3.0.7 was introduced a few days ago, and there was a small bug that dealt with cropped images with image effects. iScapBook is exactly what its name implies – scrapbooking software for Mac OS X.

iScrapbook 3.0.8
* Fixed problem where cropped images with image effects would sometimes draw upside down when selected. This problem was accidentally created by a related bug fix in 3.0.7.

Metes and Bounds was updated to version 3.3.1, but I’m not sure what the updates were, just that it was updated. Metes and Bounds is software for Mac OS X (and there are Windows/PC versions as well as iOS versions for iPhone/iPad users, that turns your data into a deed plot map. It can even calculate the size of plots and handles a variety of measurements including rods, chains, fathoms, spans, etc. It can also be matched up with GPS points.

Metes and Bounds can be downloaded/purchased from

iScrapbook 3.0.7

There is a new version of iScrapbook out from Chronos, iScrapbook 3.0.7. iScrapbook is exactly what it sounds like – digital scrapbook software for Apple’s Mac OS X or creating and organizing scrapbook projects. It requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 and is $49.99 for the single-user license. A fully functional trial version can be downloaded at the links below.

* Fixed problem where applying an image effect onto a cropped image caused big slowdowns and memory consumption when printing or exporting
* Fixed problem where standalone Smart Inspector would sometimes be disabled until a selected graphic was reselected
* Fixed problem quitting the software by manually closing the main window

Version 3.0.6 Changes/Updates
* Fixed problems with duplicating a page
* Fixed problem where image cropping wasn’t completed when selecting a different page

Official page: iScrapbook (Chronos)
Download/Update: iScrapbook download

Family Tree Maker for Mac – Pre-Order, News

First off, thanks to Gary and J for emailing me about it. Family Tree Maker is now available for pre-order through a few places (links below). We did know that it would be available before the end of November, and that looks to be accurate. The pre-order information says early November. I have updated the FAQ for Family Tree Maker for Mac to reflect the information below.

It is now available for pre-order:
* %20 off – $55.96
* – $99.00 (Deluxe/6 Months of

It might make an appearance at some of the retail stores that Family Tree Maker for Windows is sold at, such as Best Buy, Fry’s, etc.

I had hoped that we’d hear a lot more about Family Tree Maker for Mac at today’s Back to the Mac event held by Apple. The return of Autodesk’s AutoCAD was heralded by Apple at the event today and it had been quite a while since AutoCAD had been available on the Mac platform (longer than Family Tree Maker). I guess it makes sense that FTM for Mac wouldn’t be as prominently mentioned – when AutoCAD went Windows-only, it left a huge hole in the Mac software lineup. With genealogy software, there has been a strong and steady presence on the the Mac platform, including through the transition of Mac OS 9 through Mac OS X, so FTM leaving Mac didn’t cause as much of a stir as AutoCAD did.

I will say this, with half of new Macs going to first-time buyers, Family Tree Maker for Mac couldn’t have come at a better time.

Family Tree Maker for Mac 2010 versus 2011
I’m hoping to get this clarified soon, but on the site it mentions Family Tree Maker 2010 for Mac, while the PC/Windows version is at 2011. had told us that it would be at the same level as the PC version, so it doesn’t make sense that they would release the 2010 version right after the 2011 version for Windows came out. I’m going to assume that it’s just remnants of the original 2010 promotional material. When FTM for Mac was announced, FTM 2011 for Windows hadn’t been announced.

Some of the features mentioned in the product listings/box details:
* 6 months of free access to US Records on (the version)
* Print family books, charts, and reports (typical)
* Includes Family History Toolkit
* Creates slideshows
* Scan images directly into FTM from a digital scanner.
* Integration with

Compatibility with Family Tree Maker for Windows
This is a big deal for most people interested in FTM for Mac. FTM site mentions the following:

You can bring files into Family Tree Maker 2010 for Mac directly from Family Tree Maker version 4 through Family Tree Maker 2006. To import files from Family Tree Maker 2008 or a newer version, simply use the Windows-based conversion tool included on the Family Tree Maker for Mac disk.

That may seem a little odd, but basically before you import the information from the Windows version, you run the Windows-based tool on the data and it will generate the specific information for the Mac version of FTM.

PowerPC Macs and Hardware Specifications
* Mac OSX 10.5 or later
* Intel-based Mac
* 2X CD-ROM (required for installation)
* Internet access for online features

So it might be that PowerPC users are left out.

Thoughts on “Back to Mac”

Earlier today I provied some live coverage of Back to Mac and now I want to mention a few things. I was curious to see if there would be an iWork update. There was not. Not too surprising.

iLife ’11 – iPhoto ’11
This was the big thing to me in the short-term. I like what I saw with iPhoto. I use iPhoto to organize things and to do slideshows they’ve improved both. The new full-screen modes are nice, as are the slideshow themes. The Letterpress cards and the book improvements..I’ll have to see the Letterpress cards in person before deciding, but they looked impressive in the demo. I have ordered cards through Apple before and was very pleased with the quality. The books I’ve put together wouldn’t really benefit from the improvements announced today – usually they are photos from different events and dates. Emailing from within iPhoto is definitely nice. I do like the “Project view” which resembles a book shelf that stores your projects/books/cards.

iLife ’11 – iMovie ’11
The audio editing and the One Step Effects looked interesting. I could see the One Step Effects being used in a few areas in some family videos to maybe highlight something. The people finder that was brought in from iPhoto was the most interesting thing to me. That might be handy depending on how it works. The movie trailers could be a really fun thing, especially for younger family members.

FaceTime for Mac
I’m surprised they didn’t have this available with then iPod touches with FaceTime shipped, but it’s a very welcome addition.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
I liked what I saw with the Launchpad and Mission Control apps. Some of the full-screen stuff was interesting, but I’m still not completely sold on it. Full-screen is nice though when it’s properly utilized. It’s not going to be available until Summer of 2011, so we’ll see. I’m interested in what I didn’t see today.

Mac App Store
I don’t have a strong opinion either way. I think it could be really handy for people who are new to Macs, and going by the sales presentation at the beginning of the event today, half of new Macs are being bought by first-time Mac owners. It could also encourage more developers who have had favorable experiences with the App Store on the iOS devices.

Incidentally, iLife ’11 is available the Apple Store both online and in the retail stores, although it maybe in short supply. It is also available through, however it seems to be going in and out of stock:
* Amazon: iLife ’11 – $49.00
* Amazon: iLife ’11 Family Pack – $79.00

Apple’s Back to the Mac Event – Live Coverage

I’m going to provide updates here. If you’d like to watch it yourself and are on a Mac running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard with Safari or an updated iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc.), you can view it through

For details, please see the article I posted earlier this morning.

It’s started!
* Discussion of developers.
* There is a discussion of Apple retail stores, Mac sales (50% are new to Macs)

* iLife ’11 officially announced.

iPhoto ’11 Enhancements/updates:
* New full-screen modes
* Facebook enhancements
* Better emailing support for photos
* New slideshows themes
* “Big leap in books”
* “Letterpress cards”

Very impressive demonstration of iPhoto ’11 from Phil Schiller, including holiday-related slideshows and templates. He is showing how you can create emails from within iPhoto rather than jumping over to Mail.

Now doing a demonstration of creating a new book. Full-screen mode for book creation if you want. If you select a set of photos and tell it to create a book, it’ll auto-populate the book with photos. iPhoto picks up information (EXIF) plus your ratings and key photos, as well as the time photos were taken, and it groups photos together by time, it uses highly-rated photos as the larger photos, it used the key photo as the book cover, etc. Very cool so far.

There is an incredibly cool new full-screen mode with “Project View” which is a bookshelf-like view that stores your photo books and projects on the bookshelf.

The Letterpress Cards are being demonstrated. Incredible. They are embossed/printed. It’s like they are combining older methods with digital methods.

iMovie Changes
* Better audio editing (and easier)
* One Step Effects
* People finder – looks for people in a movie
* News and Sports Themes
* Ability to create movie trailers from your movies.

iMovie demonstration showing audio editing, and the new movie trailer feature. There are 15 movie trailer themes. Face detection has been added to iMovie. The trailer demonstration has gone on for a while, but it’s actually kind of interesting. I can see myself using it.

GarageBand ’11 is being demonstrated. I’m going to bow out for a few minutes.

I swear I saw a new iChat icon.

iLife ’11 will retail for $49

Facetime is being discussed by Steve Jobs.
Facetime is being supported by Macs now, including full-screen. There is a demonstration. Looks like what I thought was iChat was Facetime. A beta is being released today. You’ll be able to call people on their iPhone 4 and iPod touches (that have cameras).

Sneak Peak of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
Preview of the 8th major Mac OS X release. “Back to the Mac” refers to 10.7. “Mac OS X meets the iPad” – features in iPads and iOS will be brought back into Mac OS X 10.7. Things they like on iPad/iOS:
* Mult-touch gestures
* App Store
* App Home screens
* Full screen apps
* Auto saves

Apple is sticking to horizontal touch surfaces – no touchscreens on Macs.

“Mac App Store” announced. Similar to App Store on iPhone or iPad. Apps will be licensed for all Macs in a home. There will be a “Launchpad”.

Discussion of Expose, Dashboard, Full screen apps, Spaces and how to unify them. “Mission Control” is going to handle all four of those.

Really emphasizing the full-screen view, which I like.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will be available for purchase in summer of 2011. Mac App Store available within 90 days. Developers can start submitting apps in November. Discussion of Lion is now over.

One More Thing!!!
Looks like it’ll be an iPad + MacBook. New MacBook Air. 13.3-inch display, 1440 x 900, Core 2 Duo, NVIDIA Graphics, flash storage instead of a hard drive. Incredibly tiny.

11.6 MacBook Air is starting at $999, and it’s very impressive. 1366×768 display, 64GB of storage.

That brings this to a close.

Apple’s Back to the Mac Event Today

Today, at 10 a.m. Pacific/Noon Central, Apple will be holding their “Back to the Mac” event. As you can see from the invite above, there is a Lion in the background.

It’s pretty much a given that we’ll find out the details of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion today.

I’ve got a good feeling about today in addition to finding out about 10.7. A lot of us understand that Apple’s focus up through September of this year has been on the iPhone 4, iPods, and the iPad. The event at the beginning of September was focused on new iPods plus Apple’s new AppleTV as well. I think we’ll see some good stuff that is of particular interest to people who come across

From the invitation, plus all of the rumor sites, Amazon leaks, forum “accidents”, I think this is close to a list of what we’ll see:

1) Mac OS X 10.7 – 100% Guaranteed. Look at the invitation above. I’ve not been keeping up on Mac OS X rumors. I’ve hard that some of the things that people like in iOS might make their way into it.

2) iLife ’11 with GarageBand ’11, iPhoto ’11, iMovie ’11 – 99% Guaranteed. This is based on an “accident” on the forums where forums for the three components I mentioned were listed in the forums index. I’m giving it 99% since it’s not official yet, but it’s time for an iLife update. I really liked iPhoto ’09 with the new features, and one thing I’d like to see, and maybe this is more appropriate for Aperture, is more photo editing features that are normally found in Adobe’s Photoshop and other stand-alone editors. I know that iPhoto ’09 is first and foremost a photo manager, and it does an admirable job of that. I would like to see more photo editing features such as layers, good cloning features, and a few other things. Given that I do a lot of photo restoration, I’ll still be popping into Photoshop, but there are a few little things that could cut down on the instances of that. iMovie ’11, I’ve heard that iDVD has been merged into it. It makes sense.

3) 11.6-inch MacBook Air – 99% Guaranteed. Apple sees the iPad as the answer to netbooks, but CPUs and chipsets in the ultrasmall or ultraportable market have really come down in size while increasing in power, and a lot of people have been wondering when Apple would offer something smaller than the 13-inch MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. People miss their 12″ PowerBooks, and at this point the 13-inch MacBook Air is large compared to the offerings of the competition. A lot of companies have ultralight 11.6-inch and 12.1-inch notebooks that are packing quite a bit of performance in a small size. I’m giving it an 99% because it was mentioned in a forums listing, there have been so many leaks lately about specific components, and because Apple needs to do something with the MacBook Air. I love our 13-inch MacBook Pro, but something a little smaller and with a good resolution on the display would be great.

Apple has been building a huge datacenter in North Carolina that will soon be complete. There are a lot of guesses as to what it’s for – an expansion of their online content, a “cloud” style setup for people to store their music and videos, etc. I think it could be all of that. If it’s setup properly it can easily handle just about everything that’s been speculated about it.

Mac minis and iMacs have received good updates this year, as have the Mac Pros. I don’t see them being updated at this event. I still want a little server that can function as backup machine for our Macs and iOS devices in the house. I don’t see that happening though.

I think some of the recent gaming software that’s come out for the Mac, Valve’s Steam platform, will probably be highlighted. Valve has been very successful with it. I also think AutoCAD will be highlighted since its return to the Mac is a big deal.

A part of me thinks Family Tree Maker for Mac will show up somewhere. I doubt in Apple’s or Steve Jobs’ presentation, since Mac users have had a solid and healthy selection of genealogy software since FTM didn’t make the transition to Mac OS X a decade ago, but FTM for Mac is a big deal and the theme is “Back to the Mac”. It would certainly be a good time for to announce more details about it.

Apple Insider will provide live coverage, and I’ll be following a few websites and posting about it as it happens. As I said, I’m excited about it. I’ve been very happy with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, and I look forward to seeing where things go next.