MacFamilyTree 6.0.3

Genealogy Software for Mac OS X A new update for MacFamilyTree 6.0 is now available, bumping the version number up to 6.0.3. With version 6.0.2, support for Apple’s Aperture imaging software was added. There are now some fixes supporting some issues with Aperture.

More importantly, there are, and I quote, “major database changes” which were implemented to increase performance. This probably means that once your genealogy database is updated/upgraded, you won’t be able to use it in an older version of MacFamilyTree. There are also some interface fixes, and improved image handling within MacFamilyTree.

* Major database changes for increased performance
* Fixes for the Apple Aperture image picker
* Several user interface bugs fixed
* Images can now be rotated directly in MacFamilyTree
* Fixes and performance improvements for nearly all charts

Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6 are required, and this is a free update for existing MacFamilyTree 6 users.

PAW2U – PAWriter Version 95 (3 Sep 2010)

Howard Metcalfe has released a major update to PAW2U (Universal), a free Mac OS X genealogy application. This is Version 95 (3 Sep 2010) and the focus is being placed on generating genealogical books and articles, with a major update to the RTF format handling.

* In line with a primary objective of PAWriter to produce for publication genealogical books and articles, the following changes to RTF reports were made:

RTF Reports
* RTF files can be opened by a number of word processing and desktop publishing programs. By default, RTF files will launch Nisus Writer Pro ($79 download at the Nisus store web page). Nisus Writer Pro is a fully functional desktop publishing program for MacOS X. Macworld awarded Nisus Writer Pro four and a half mice (out of five) in December 2009, and William Porter said in their review that “Nisus Writer Pro competes with [MS] Word better than any word processor I’ve seen in a very long time.” Nisus Writer Pro was also the winner of the Reader’s Choice Awards of 2010 for word processors, with Pages ’09 and MS Word 2008 as first and second runners-up.
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Apple September Event Earlier Today

I’ve posted my thoughts about Apple’s September Event that was held earlier today over at MobileGenealogy.

I thought it was a pretty good event. We knew going in that it would be focused on mobile devices, and that’s exactly what happened. iTunes 10 adds some new features that I think they will be useful to a lot of people. The iPod nano, shuffle, and touch updates were really good if you are in the market for a new iPod.

Keep in mind this wasn’t a Mac event or a developer’s event, it was a music-related event with TV and movies thrown in, and the vast majority was focused on portable devices.

Anyways, if you’d like to read my comments and how the new devices/updates relate to genealogy, head over to Mobile Genealogy.

Apple’s September 1, 2010 Event, Plus Autocad

Apple has sent out an alert stating that they will be directly streaming tomorrow’s event live: – PR

Live video stream of Apple’s September 1 event

Wednesday, September 1, 2010, 10:00 a.m. PDT


* Apple Mac running Safari on Mac OS X 10.6
* Also can be accessed on an iPhone or iPod touch running iPhone OS/iOS 3.0 or higher or an iPad.

Basically it’s going to be streamed over HTML5, showcasing the standard that Apple chose for the iPhones and iPads over Flash.

Meanwhile, this week it was confirmed by Financial Times that Autodesk would be bringing AutoCad back to Macs. It’s a big deal since it dominates its market and is the first time AutoCad has been seen on Macs since the early ’90s. This is on par with Family Tree Maker for Mac 2011 coming back to Macs.

Update: I’ve posted my thoughts about the September Event over at Mobile Genealogy.

MacFamilyTree 5.7.8

I missed this update since it came out after the release of MacFamilyTree 6 and was overshadowed by that, but a few weeks back on August 10, 2010, Synium Software released an update to the MacFamilyTree 5.7 series, updating it to MacFamilyTree 5.7.8.

I’m not sure of where to download this – I discovered it when I opened up my MacFamilyTree 5.7.7 install and it was asking to update automatically. You could probably get the download information from Synium Software’s contact page or just run your auto-update feature within MacFamilyTree.

Changes in 5.7.8
* Many fixes in the Kinship Report
* Fixed an issue migrating older databases
* Smaller user interface fixes
* Improved auto update

I figured the update to 5.7.7 back at the beginning of July was the last 5.7 series update, but I was wrong. They even improved the auto update in 5.7.8 as well as user interface fixes, which could mean future 5.7.x releases for those who haven’t upgraded to MacFamilyTree 6 yet.

GEDitCOM II 1.5 build 2

GEDitCOM II 1.5 build 2 is now available from

This is a massive update. In addition to some bug fixes, it’s centered around one major new feature. It’s a format that is being called the “Address Book” format, and GEDitCOM II 1.5 Build 2 is required to use this format. In order for the new format to work, new features were added to GEDitCOM. You can down load the new format at

The “Address Book” is not just something that tracks somebody’s name and other information. It literally adds in a format to add and edit events centered around specific residences. This extends to adding and editing information on multimedia objects that are tied to a residence. You can also search for, and find, all individuals that lived at a specific residence, or have a specific residence tied to them.

For a full list, see the Changes below.

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