Software/Update: TAO 1.01ha (Outliner/Organizer)

TAO (The Advanced Outliner/Organizer) has been updated to version 1.01ha. TAO is a powerful outliner/organizer built for MacOS X. Using TAO, you can efficiently manage and organize plenty of chunks of information. TAO supports basic outliner facilities, such as creating, moving, sorting, grouping and combining items. Official Site Changes: * … Read more

Software/Update: Hog Bay Notebook 3.5b

Hog Bay Notebook 3.5b has been released. This is a beta, however it looks to be a final beta, and this is shaping up to make 3.5 a very solid release.Hog Bay Notebook lets you record and organize your ideas in a convenient way. Bring order to your Mac with … Read more

Software: Catalog Programs

Over the past few months, culminating with today’s release of Delicious Library 1.0 (from several of the folks formerly with OmniGroup), there have been a large number of updates and releases for catalog software for books and the like. Everthing from freeware through shareware, including many applications that can use … Read more

Online Genealogy Sites & The Mac

Something that was being discussed in the ReunionTalk daily digest, and on other forums…Various online genealogy sites are not always Mac friendly, and each have their pluses and minuses. These sites are becoming more and more prominent in genealogy research (you could argue they have become the starting point for … Read more