Online Genealogy Sites & The Mac

Something that was being discussed in the ReunionTalk daily digest, and on other forums…Various online genealogy sites are not always Mac friendly, and each have their pluses and minuses. These sites are becoming more and more prominent in genealogy research (you could argue they have become the starting point for all genealogy research these days, among those using computers).

Perhaps it would be good to put together a small “report” on who does and doesn’t fully support Macs, and/or at what levels they support them. As well, perhaps we can get some comments/information from those companies/sites that either don’t support Mac users, or only partially support Mac users (i.e. only certain OS levels).

We can start with two of the most well known commercial sites (but we aren’t limiting this to commercial sites!), and appears to be the better supported among Macs of all OSes, while has limits on some census info for Mac OS X users (some census data requires a plugin only available only for Classic/OS 9x – if you don’t have a Classic environment, your out of luck, the company shows no sign of OS X support).

Other comments, examples?