Software/Update: TAO 1.01ha (Outliner/Organizer)

TAO (The Advanced Outliner/Organizer) has been updated to version 1.01ha.

TAO is a powerful outliner/organizer built for MacOS X. Using TAO, you can efficiently manage and organize plenty of chunks of information. TAO supports basic outliner facilities, such as creating, moving, sorting, grouping and combining items.

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* Improvements

    * Speeded up screen drawing and file saving.

* Bug fixes

    * Fixed a bug that sometimes content of note is not saved properly right after editing it.
    * Fixed bugs that toolbar buttons for expanding and collapsing won’t work properly.
    * Fixed bugs that default style are not applied when importing text and OPML files.

* Changes

    * When document width is set to paper size, scaling factor is automatically adjusted to fit the document width to window’s one after resizing the window.