Online: Retrospect-GDS 1.6.4

The Retrospect-GDS Project has updated Retrospect-GDS to 1.6.4.
Retrospect-GDS is A web app designed to display genealogy information. Data can be stored in one of several databases including MySQL. Supports multiple languages. The look and feel can be changed easily using the built in templating system.

SourceForge.Net Project Page and Official Page

Changes: (1.6.4)

    * This release fixes a problem with displaying individual notes in Firefox 1.0.
    * It also includes a new french language translation by Robert Weinland.

Changes: (1.6.3)

    * This release addresses a couple of problems with the dutch translation. A misspelling was fixed and the month names were changed to abreviations.
    * A problem where the footer text sometimes appears in the middle of the pages in Firefox was also fixed.