Notebook/Outliner: NoteTaker 1.9.4

NoteTaker 1.9.4 and NoteTaker Viewer 1.9.4 from Aquaminds has been released. At its most basic level, NoteTaker is a personal note and idea organizer. With NoteTaker, you can make a list, organize an outline or jot down an idea…NoteTaker’s user interface metaphor uses a visually rich “spiral” notebook pages with section tabs. Some users will simply have one tab and a long list of outlines while others will organize entire project and research journals with many sections and many pages within those tab sections. . It requires Mac OS X 10.2


    * The HyperLink Panel has been greatly enhanced, with support for creating links to any page, entry or text selection in any notebook, arbitrary URLs, numbered annotations (text and images maintained on a page in the Annotations section and available via link or popup XRay View), Voice Memos, Address Book contacts, and executable AppleScripts. XRay View (Option-hover) immediately shows the target and/or contents of any link.
    * Integrated access to Address Book contacts is now available via the Contacts panel available from the toolbar, contextual menu, or HyperLink Panel.
    * Dozens of useful AppleScripts are now bundled that provide integration with iCal, iTunes, Entourage, iPod, iSight, Palm, blogging tools, and internet research. Create your own scripts to customize NoteTaker for your personal tasks. The Scripts menu can be enabled in NoteTaker Preferences.
    * NTML export with XSL transformations was optimized for compatibility with both KeyNote 1.0 and 2.0. Add your own XSL transforms for notebook data output in any format.
    * XRay (Option-hover) over a Voice Memo icon (speaker) now begins immediate playback of the voice memo at the link position, with no need for any panel. Option-drag continuously over VM icons to quickly and easily scan Voice Memos.
    * New Toolbar buttons and menus were added for Plug-Ins, Address Book Panel, HyperLink Panel, and AppleScripts.
    * Scoping controls were added to the Highlight & Summarize panel.
    * The Contents page title can now be changed (globally) via NoteTaker Preferences.
    * A new “do JavaScript” AppleScript command provides access to the Document Object Model of the web page displayed in any entry, allowing (for example) automatic creation of notebook content by scanning web sites.
    * Section Folios, Page Folios, and copied Sections include any linked annotations, which are merged into the annotation section of any notebook they are dragged to or copied into.
    * Hyperlinks made to entries on the current day’s To Do page now roll over with the entries.
    * Minor enhancements were made to the default plug-ins. The tab key now navigates between cells in the Table plug-in, and it remembers the visibility of row and column headers. The Calc plug-in now updates after a copy and paste of a sub-entry. The very first save of a notebook with modified plug-ins now saves the plug-in data in the correct location. The state of toolbar collapse/expand is now remembered in all plug-ins that can collapse their toolbar.
    * New contextual menu items “Copy Page URL” and “Copy Entry URL” add a special NoteTaker URL to the clipboard that can be used by other applications to open a notebook directly to a particular page or entry.
    * Parameters may be passed to Flash plug-ins by adding them as text to the containing entry.
    * Many other fixes and enhancements for improved performance and stability.