Update: Shoebox 1.1

If you have a lot of photos (what genealogist doesn’t) and are looking for something other than iPhoto to organize them with, Shoebox might work for you. Version 1.1 has been released.

Shoebox is a Mac OS X application for organizing digital photos by content….Shoebox uses Knowledge Base technology to learn about your world. With Shoebox, your photos are organized in a way that makes sense to you. You can find any photo instantly by content, no matter how many pictures you have.

Shoebox requires Mac OS X 10.3


    * Shoebox can now display RAW files.
    * Creating thumbnails is now twice as fast.
    * Rotating/flipping photos is now much faster, and lossless too.
    * Added an option in Category Info to sort categories manually.
    * Browser columns are now resizable.