Software: MacMagic 1.1.1

MacMagic 1.1.1 has been released. It is a utility that allows you to manipulate data from just about any Mac OS X application. Among some of the things it allows you to do:

    * lets you select, save, and print just the info you want from web browsers (text, pictures, and graphics)
    * lets you select and extract just what you want from PDF files (text, pictures, and graphics) and it lets you create your own text file that contains just the info you want from a PDF file — even add your own notes to the file!
    * lets you select and print or save just the material you want from any program, including spreadsheets, databases, email clients, chat clients, newsreaders, AOL — you name it!
    * lets you instantly, and on-the-fly, add notes of any length and/or time-date stamps to anything (text, pictures, and graphics) that you either save or print!
    * lets you instantly select and save or print anything in any program even if the item(s) normally can’t be selected and even if items are non-contiguous — even on-the-fly collect and combine info from multiple web pages/documents/programs (MacMagic is a powerful research tool)!
    * lets you instantly create your own subreports from any database (including Quicken, FileMaker, and Now Contact) and from any spreadsheet (including Excel) — even add your own notes of any size to your reports!

Official Site and Screenshots

Requires: Mac OS X 10.2+

New Features in MacMagic 1.1

    * When using Safari, MacMagic now gives you the option of automatically adding a URL stamp when you either save or print any selections from Safari. (This feature works with MacMagic’s W/Date Stamp and W/Date+Note buttons.)
    * The option of automatically adding a URL stamp also applies when you use drag-and-drop to either save or print your text or image selections from Safari.
    * A new preference item has been added (it’s turned on by default) that automatically adds a URL stamp to both printed and saved selections from Safari when using the system-wide keyboard shortcuts MacMagic adds to OS X.

Changes in MacMagic 1.1.1

    Several cosmetic display issues when using MacMagic in OS X 10.4 (Tiger) have been eliminated.
    * Some code has been optimized for improved performance when using MacMagic in Tiger.
    * Several small enhancements have been added to MacMagic.