Update: Gedcom2Geneweb 1.3.7

Gedcom2Geneweb has been updated to version 1.3.7

This application allows you to convert a GEDCOM File and produce a new file suitable for any Geneweb application. It has been tested on GEDCOM files issued from Reunion 8.x for MacOS X, GEditCOM 3.x and Heredis X. The purpose of this application is not to provide a way to fully convert your data to Geneweb but rather to help you in publishing them over the Internet, especially the Geneanet web site.

It requires Mac OS X 10.3+


    * Added management of witness with a marriage
    * Godparent data in HEREDIS are handled correctly
    * Baptism event in HEREDIS is handled correctly
    * Added a blank line between 2 notes at the same level
    * Recompiled with xCode 2.0 (Tiger)