GEDCOM Files: Mac – PC

Note: This is a very long article. If your not doing a frequent exchange of GEDCOM files with other people, or you don’t have any problems when you do so, you should probably skip this. This grew out of a problem I had with a relative. We did much of what was listed below, until we were comfortable in knowing what the problems were on both sides, and how to work around them.

It’s a very serious problem in the genealogy software world – there are companies that can make it difficult, or at the least don’t make it very easy, to migrate or share information between platforms or genealogy programs. The idea being that they want you locked into their software.

If your having problems with GEDCOM files, going between Macs and PCs (even Macs to Macs or PCs to PCs), there are a few things you can do:

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Backing up your data

There is an article on Random Genealogy about backing up your genealogy data and making sure it’s some place safe, in light of the recent hurricane.

FileMaker 8 and FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced

Quite a few Mac users who rely on FileMaker for tracking their genealogy information and research might be interested in FileMaker 8, which is now available.

Jreepad 1.4.1

Jreepad 1.4.1 has been released. Jreepad is a open-source Java-based personal database. Version 1.4.1 adds some interface improvements.