Update: MapMemo 2.02

Mapmemo 2.02 has been released. Mapmemo Allows you to drag a file or folder onto maps, charts, photos, and other graphic files, and then associates that file/folder with that place/location on the graphic file by creating an alias. When executed, that alias will launch the proper application associated with that file.

Useful if you were tracking family migrations/locations or wanted a look at everybody that lived in a certain geographic location. You can use your own maps, maps off the internet, or export from other programs (the authors mention Route 66 as one possible application).

Requires: OS X 10.3+ or 10.4+ only


    Text-Memo: – If you double-click on a Text-Memo and your Info-Window is closed, it will now open so you can see and read the according text. This was important for users which came new to the application: they often didn’t understand what a Text Memo was, because they couldn’t see anything happening.