Update: Newsletter 2.2

Newsletter 2.2 has been released:

    NewsLetter is a free batch emailer, speciallly thought for newsletters. Its interface is very simple and intuitive, and it features the creation of plain text and HTML messages (simple or multipart), customization of subject and body using “smart tags” and attachments (including inline attachments in HTML messages). You can send the messages immediatelly, save them in MBOX format and place or send them through Entourage, as additional features.


    * Fixed compatibility issues with FileMaker 7.
    * Hopefully, the new XMail.osax 2.3 will fix crashes in certain machines when sending lots of messages.

Cost: Free

Requires: Mac OS X 10.3.x. NewsLetter 1.0 and further releases won’t work under previous versions of Mac OS X.