There is a new genealogy software site –

Back at the end of last year or beginning of this year, it was originally called I worked with one of the individuals behind it at the time as far as the back-end/server side, but they never quite got it off the ground. I helped get the software setup (at least at the beginning), but their updates were very sporadic.

According to the email I received this morning, they’ve since added a person who is helping them out on the content side.

I was surprised/impressed to see the new site, it’s very well put together, and makes me almost wish I had considered one of the blogger-type software setups for They mentioned that they weren’t going to cover Macintosh or PDA software partially since I was already doing so, and partially because they will have their hands full (which is probably true). They did ask if I wanted to join them, but I think it’s better to keep things seperate – Mac and PDA genealogy software would get drowned out by the Windows software.