Press Release for FTM II for Mac

Another genealogist just emailed me the following press release from 1997, and I thought I’d post it since it’s kind of interesting for its historical value (and people may still be using FTM for Macintosh).

Family Tree Maker Deluxe Edition II for Macintosh

Less than 10 years ago, but seems like it’s been longer. It’s hard to imagine, but several of the mainstream genealogy software companies used to port their applications to Macs.

Macs have been gaining steadily on PCs over the past few years, and Mac genealogy software shows it, even if we don’t have the main genealogy software companies porting to Mac (I’m not sure whether that would be a good thing or not, for those Mac genealogy developers).

We have several actively developed commercial applications – MacFamilyTree, Reunion, GEDitCOM, with another one being developed, ohmiGene (I believe it will become a commercial application once it hits 1.0), as well as SeeGEDCOMX (shareware). Heredis is in there as well (although I’m still not sure if it’s being actively developed, I’ve emailed them a few times and have gotten no response).

We also have a free application that is actively being developed, that is flying under the radar, and will probably surprise more than a few Mac genealogists. I’m hoping to have more information from the developer(s) (and be able to release some screenshots as well) in the next week or so.