Heredis Mac X.2 – Screenshots

Heredis Mac X.2 will be released in the near future. This is a major update/rewrite to Heredis that adds iApps functionality (iCal, iPhoto, vCard, etc.), as well as increased performance, an updated interface, and many other features. Heredis Mac X.2 allows for unlimited individuals, unlimited sources/research data, and multi-criteria research features.

To break-in our new gallery software, you can view a gallery of screenshots of Heredis Mac X.2 by clicking on the image below (please note the screenshots are in French):


Update – December 13, 2005: Heredis Mac X.2 is available.’s Heredis Mac X.2 Product page

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  1. I’m thinking sometime in October for both the demo and the release. As far as some of the features, until I have a copy to use, I can’t really tell you much.

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