MacFamilyTree 4.2.0

MacFamilyTree 4.2.0 has been officially released. This is a major update to the Mac OS X genealogy application (which is a Universal Binary) from OnlyMac Software (Now Synium Software).

To recap the new features:
* The Family Table show all families in your tree at once or only parts of your whole tree, either your descendants, ancestors or all other related families. Furthermore, you can configure this view like all other views in Mac Family Tree.
* The new Map Chart can show where events in your tree took place. You can see, where the people in your tree lived and where they moved. Mac Family Tree needs to know the latitude and longitude, where the events took place. Mac Family Tree utilizes a database specifically designed for this use with over 4 Millionen places to look up these coordinates
* The automatic backup creates a backup folder in the user’s document folder, and will save the backups for the 10 last days of use here.
* The list of persons on the drawer has been improved. This list can be expanded to show their partners and childrens.
* A family list has been added to show all families in your tree at once. Like the persons list, this list can be expanded to view all persons within this family
* Pictures can now be imported directly from your Apple iPhoto Library
* The function list on every pane can now be resized and collapsed to view more data on smaller screens
* The page of the source can now be added in the source selection window
* Author Informations can be found in the main window
* Tree Statistics have been added to the Author Informations
* Support for Gedcom files created in ANSEL format
* Full support for the ANSEL file format.
* Errors encountered while opening a tree are now logged in an error report
* To avoid problems, unicode gedcom files now use the extension .uged
* When trying to save a tree in ASCII gedcom, which contains special characters not found in the ASCII codetable, the user will be warned that data loss could occur
* Support for multiple names per person
* Problems with the .mac backup function are resolved
* World Chart improved

– Printing to one page now works with the descendant chart
– Minor fixes in the Gedcom file format parser and exporter
– Many interface fixes and improvements
– .Mac Backup bug fixed