Family Ties (Familienbande) – Information

There are now nine known active genealogy applications for the Mac platform (that we know of):

Family Ties (Familienbande), a free genealogy application from Stefan Mettenbrink for Mac OS X (and probably MacOS 8.6+ and MacOS 9.x+ with Carbon) and Windows. This was updated in August. Right now it’s only in German. I’ve tried to provide English translations on the page for this application, as well as the screenshot gallery (you can access it by clicking on the image at the bottom of this post). The official site is: and the download is here:


    – Available for both Mac OS X (Carbon) and Windows (there maybe problems with Windows 98)
    — Linux version maybe available in the future
    – Can be run off of a CDROM or USB Flash Memory Key without installation
    – Handles up to 2,000,000,000 data records
    – GEDCOM 5.5 import/export
    РUses the Kekul̩ system of numbers, with a maximum of 31 generations
    – Different descendant numbers
    – FOKO Export (Research Contact Data/Information – for more information, read the FOKO FAQ)
    – You can assign as many documents to a person or family tree as you want.
    – Multi-coloured indicators
    – Detailed Source Information
    – Different Statistics and Family Tree Representations
    – Flexible Printing of data with labels
    – Extensive family, address, locale, and document administration
    – Plausibility Check
    – Handles double marriage ceremony (i.e. a couple could have both a civil and church marriage)
    – Master owner can be changed
    – Extensive search capabilities
    – References within pictures to individuals
    – Flexible exporting
    – Flexible organization and automatic generation of website/HTML export
    – Various secondary functions – calendar, date computations, etc.