BibDesk 1.1.8

BibDesk 1.1.8, a “graphical BibTeX-bibliography manager for Mac OS X”, has been released. Several new features have been added:

* BibDesk can now search contents of associated files (Tiger only); see online help for details
* Can now choose whether (some) custom fields are added by default in Defaults preferences
* Script Hooks: AppleScripts can now be triggered by certain user interface actions. See the online help and preferences for details.
* BibDesk now supports a group feature for easier viewing and categorization of references
* Fancier drag image for dragging from the main publications list
* Editor now has a split view for editing rating and boolean fields
* If a search is active when you open a linked file, the application opening the file is sent the search text (used with on Tiger)
* Script menu now supports submenus, and examples are provided. You can also open the scripts in Script Editor by holding the option key when selecting a script.

For a full listing of fixes, please see this page ( – it’s lengthy.