Bookpedia 2.2.3

Bookpedia 2.2.3, the book cataloging software, is now available for download. It requires Mac OS X 10.2, and sells for $18.

Official Description:

Bookpedia is a book cataloging software for Mac OS X. To save you time and effort, it retrieves all book information from the Internet and lets you arrange your books in any which way you like. Using Bookpedia comes naturally thanks to its familiar iTunes style interface. Bookpedia is written exclusively for Mac OS X, making it fast and efficient.


* New backup QuickPick for owners of Backup 3. (Upgraders need to rebuild database from the Help menu to install.)
* Treats php template exports as html exports.
* First run does not check for new version automatically.
* Changes the sort order so numbers come before “A”
* When adding a duplicate tells you what collection the duplicate is in and which collection you are adding the new copy to.
* Bug fix: rare possible crash under Panther when changing search type to wishlist.
* Bug fix: borrower name was being removed when set as borrowed from the edit window.

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