WikiNotes, a new note-taking application, has been released. Wikinotes is free/open-source, and requires Mac OS X 10.4+.

Official Description:

You know WikiWikiWeb? You like the way links are created without a hassle? You’ll like WikiNotes.
You don’t know WikiWikiWeb, or you just want to know more about the program? Let us take a quick look about the idea behind the program. The idea is that you do not only have one consecutive block of text in a document, but multiple pages. The pages are connected by links. To avoid creating such links manually and therefor much faster, someone had the idea that specially written words could automatically be turned into links. The syntax for such words is that the must contain at least two uppercase letters. So words like CamelCase, WikiNotes or the like will automatically be turned into links. Basically that’s the idea behind WikiNotes. Interested? Read on.