Personal Ancestry Writer II Version 47 (14 Nov 2005)

Personal Ancestry Writer II (PAWriter II) version 47, was updated earlier this week. PAWriter II “combines most of the features of the LDS Personal Ancestral File program (PAF) for the Macintosh (for which all development stopped a few years ago after release 2.3.1), with additional features that generate web pages (in HTML), word processing files (in RTF for, e.g., AppleWorks) and desktop publishing files (in MML for FrameMaker). The generated report files include genealogical dictionaries, registers, ahnentafels and lineages—such as appear on this site—as well as some interesting text files and pedigree charts. It requires Mac OS 8.6/9.0, or Mac OS X.

* Added state and country of birth and death to web site pedigrees.
* Added birth order to MML register entries.

1 thought on “Personal Ancestry Writer II Version 47 (14 Nov 2005)”

  1. As members of the Church of Jesus Chist of LatterDay Saints we have been using PAF 2.3.1 for many years, and with our upgrade to MAC OSX G4 we need an upgrade of your programme. We are excited that you are doing this.
    Ifwe can input and print in the same original format it would be of a tremendous help not only to us, but to many of our older friends who find difficulty in change. We have had a 74 year old friend, a typist in younger years, sit down at our machine and without any difficulty, and to her great delight, input four generations.
    Simplicity of the original MAC 2.3.1 was far superior to that of the PC which from time to time was changed whereas MAC remained constant.
    In this busy world, simpllicity is the answer.
    we were advised to purchase an emulator but we do wish to stay with a MAC (our ROLLS ROYCE computer.
    Yours sincerely,
    Stan & Mavis Gill

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