Personal Ancestry Writer II Version 47 (27 Nov 2005)

Personal Ancestry Writer II (PAWriter II) version 47, was updated today. PAWriter II “combines most of the features of the LDS Personal Ancestral File program (PAF) for the Macintosh with additional features that generate web pages (in HTML), word processing files (in RTF for, e.g., AppleWorks) and desktop publishing files (in MML for FrameMaker). The generated report files include genealogical dictionaries, registers, ahnentafels and lineages—such as appear on this site—as well as some interesting text files and pedigree charts. It requires Mac OS 8.6/9.0, or Mac OS X.

*Added a preference for the background color in PAWriter windows.
*Reference Guide was updated to reflect this.

Developer’s Note:

Choose the Preferences item in the Edit menu (in OS 9) or in the PAW2X menu (in OS X) and click on Change Background Color. Choose a color from the Color Picker dialog that appears. Click OK. That color will show as the background of the Preferences window. Click Save to use that color in all windows with a background color, or click Cancel to keep using the current color.

As with all preferences, the selected color will be used whenever PAWriter is opened, until the color is changed.

A nice sky blue can be selected in the OS 9 RGB Picker with 60% red, 90% green and 100% blue. In the OS X RGB Slider, try using red = 102, green =
204 and blue = 255.