ohmiGene beta 0.90

There is a beta of ohmiGene, version 0.90, now available. The author strongly suggests that this is to be used only for beta testing, and not for actual genealogy research – I believe this is a complete rewrite (or portions of ohmiGene were rewritten). Among the new features – optimized GEDCOM importing, better duplicate handling, and better witness management. This version adds support for an unlimited number of sources and witnesses. OhmiGene will run under Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

You can download the beta here.

Changes (translated from French -> English with Google):

If you can translate French < -> English and would like to do a better job than we did, please contact us. The page that needs to be translated is located here.

What is in version 0.90?
Bugs due to a total rewriting of the code.
– a new version of the program which makes it possible to write ohmiGene and a basic change (provisional or final) which imposed a total rewriting of the requests.
– optimizations (importation of a file gedcom…) and achievements new ( tracking of the doubled blooms , management of the witnesses , removal of the individuals …)
This version of ohmiGene is likely to function on MacOS X and Windows and, perhaps, under Linux. A base created on Mac functions on PC, even Linux, and vice versa.

For those which would not know it ohmiGene is a software for the creation and the genealogical data management…
The structure of the base was defined to be in maximum agreement with format GEDCOM: if any context relating to the tender of one file to church LDS misses, are correctly treated (importation, handling and export) quasi-totalié of the other contexts. ohmiGene is one of the rare software not to massacre a file GEDCOM with the importation (and with export).

– the majority of the contexts support an unlimited number, illustrations, notes, texts, sources * and witnesses * (or others).
– Each individual can be marked using 24 personnalisables criteria and be found thanks to this mark.
– It is possible to create lists of work, according to a multitude of criteria, with facility or to list ascending the, downward ones or nearest relatives of a character. These lists can be the object of tasks in series (marks, sources…), printed or exported in various formats: gedcom, GmC, normal or tabulé text…
– It is possible to memorize to 8 lists and to carry out ‘ calculs’ above *.
– Destruction of the individual record sheets by a setting with the dustbin from where it is possible to recover them as long as this one is not emptied *.

– Method ‘ to slip-déposer’ to order the lists (children, unions, hearths, events…),
– Establishment of several types of lists flash is possible.

MANAGEMENT of the genealogy .
Modules make it possible to manage the names and their root (particles), the names of event (all personnalisables or localisables), to foutoir it places, the sources…And a module to try TO TRACK the DUPLICATES.

– To eliminate the maximum of bugs in order to make this new version usable.
– To write the help file and a FAQ… according to the raised questions.
– To make new improvements or achievements to lead ohmiGene towards version 1.