SeeGEDCOMX 0.8b4

Keith Clarke has updated SeeGEDCOMX to version 0.8b4. SeeGEDCOMX is a Mac genealogy program (requires MacOS 8.6 with CarbonLib or Mac OS X 10.1.5) with some unique features.

SeeGEDCOMX is a minimalist genealogy program for the Macintosh, started before MacOS X made minimalism fashionable. Originally a browser application for GEDCOM files, it has become a much more general application. You can now use it to create a family history from scratch, to maintain an existing family history stored as a GEDCOM document, or simply to browse your GEDCOM documents and downloads. And I believe it’s the only genealogy application with AppleScript support.

Major Changes: Expiration date moved out to June 2006, “Group By Change Date” feature to allow you to easily find where you were last working, To Do List improvements, and various bug fixes.


* fixed problem where } and { characters in notes etc led to corrupt RTF files on export (e.g. dragging Preview/Word icon to the desktop).
* fixed bug in export-to-gedcom: incorrect links between people were being created in some circumstances when merging two or more documents which use the same GEDCOM xref values for different people
* printing enabled for Help window
* Copy and Select All commands are now available for the Help window without your having to click in it first
* Group By Census Place now shows one entry per census for each person
* added Group By Change Date so you can quickly find people you’ve been working on recently, or who you worked on last Christmas, etc
* better behaviour when closing a biog window with an open edit box
* better behavour when selecting another window or application when there’s a biog window with an open edit box
* tree window vertical scrollbar now works correctly when root of the tree is a person with multiple marriages
* the To Do list now shows only people in the current group (those who have _TODO lines)
* the To Do list now shows CONC as well as CONT lines associated with each _TODO line
* improved performance when working with large selections (thousands of people) in group windows
* fixed bug which prevented the correct saving of documents following use of the Print command
* fixed bug which disabled checks for valid entry in GEDCOM fields following use of the Print command
* fixed a possible crash when using the limited-number-of-generations feature of tree windows
* fixed a possible crash when deleting a person from the document (“Clear” command)
* fixed a possible crash when after clicking the “Save” button on the dialog presented when closing a document with unsaved changes
* fixed crash on System 9.x when attempting to open non-text documents that have a “.ged” extension
* fixed crash when attempting to view a family tree in which one of the people is recorded as their own ancester in the GEDCOM
* expiry date now 30th June 2006