Update on MacPAF General Preview Release

Just a few notes from Logan about the latest MacPAF news:

* A few more bugs were released that that he’s going to clean up before the general preview release.
* A workaround was found for the pre-Tiger/Mac OS X 10.4 menu bar problem, so Mac OS X 10.3 users (and perhaps earlier) will be able to use it.
* A problem with importing Sealing ordinances from Family Records 2.3.1’s GEDCOM files was found.

You can track the latest news at the developer’s homepage

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Report of Reunion on new Intel iMacs

Over in the ReunionTalk Forums, a member reported that Reunion 8.0.6 runs just fine on the new Intel-based iMacs. Bob White reported that it was “pretty close to twice as fast as it was on the G4 eMac that I’ve been using. Charts pop up like a lightning strike.”

In the same thread, a member of the Leister Pro technical support team reported that Reunion 9 will run natively on Intel-based Macs.

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MacPAF Preview Release Delays

Some people have tried out a preview release of MacPAF, and there is an issue with pre-Mac OS X 10.4 systems, but the developer is working on it. A preview release for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) users may be made available, while issues are worked out with pre 10.4 systems.

Some issues have been found already and are being addressed, but a preview release will be made available in the next few days.

You can keep an eye on this here, or at the developer’s home page.

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