Behind Steve Jobs’ Keynotes

Not exactly genealogy related, but if you are a Mac enthusiast, and you probably are since you’re here, you might find this article very interesting: Behind the magic curtain. It goes into detail on just what happens behind the scenes when Steve Jobs makes his keynotes speeches/presentations at certain events.

He’s the closest thing to a rock star you will find in the world of business.

When Apple announces something new, people pay attention. This is due, in large measure, to Steve and the way he delivers Apple’s messages. His preferred method of making major product announcements is at one of his public presentations, or “keynotes” as they are called inside the company.

Steve starts his preparation for a keynote weeks in advance, reviewing all the products and technologies he might include. Although development and release schedules are set far in advance, he still has to satisfy himself that the chosen products are keynote-ready.

It’s amazing how much preparation goes into each keynote.