iLife ’06, .Mac Updates

Last, but not least, iLife ’06 has been released – with some updates that maybe of interests to some Mac genealogists. Along with it, an update to .Mac to allow for improved integration between the two.

iLife ’06 updates:

iPhoto – Requires Mac OS X 10.3.9
* Improved performance
* Support for up to 250,000 photos
* Photocasting allows you to share albums with other iPhoto users through .Mac
* Full-screen mode (editing/comparing of images)
* iWeb compatability (see iWeb below)
* In addition to ordering photo books and prints through iPhoto, you can now order greeting cards and calendars.

* New web/blog application for iLife ’06 – besides functioning as a blog/homepage software, it allows you to easily share photos through the web using iPhoto.
* You can set photo albums to be public or private through iPhoto, and you can automatically update your website through iPhoto.

* New themes, effects, upgraded audio support, and multipe-projects open at the same time.
* Exporting video to an iPod.

* Wide-screen menus
* Support for 3rd party/OEM DVD Burners
* New DVD creation mode (“Magic iDVD)
* Better photo slideshows

iLife '06 Box
.Mac Box