MacPAF Preview Release Draws Near

MacPAF is close to seeing the light of day, Logan Allred posted this message today:

I have made excellent progress over the last week. I’ve fixed the last of the problems with deleting families (that I know of), and got the individual and family list tab views working. I just have to finish off a few more things on the pedigree view, and then get the bug reporting workflow finished, and it should be good to go. Importing still has some issues, but mostly when working with multiple files at the same time, so I’m going to figure it out later since I have to revamp several parts of the code anyway. I was really hoping to be done today, but for everything I fix, it seems a new issue comes up. So many little details to worry about.

I’m thinking about releasing a little mini-preview tomorrow. If there are a few of you that can spend several hours over the next few days testing out the app and reporting all the significant issues you find to me, let me know. That should highlight any major bugs right off the bat so the majority of people don’t have to suffer through them. I can then release a more stable general preview release over the weekend. If it turns out there aren’t that many major issues, then I’ll release it right away.

If you are interested, you can contact him through this page (click on the Feedback link under the first post).