ohmiGene 0.90 beta fc1

ohmiGene beta 0.90 fc1 (FC = Final Candidate/Release Candidate) is now available. ohmiGene is a Mac OS X genealogy application. It’s almost ready for production and real-world use. A lot of work was done on importing and exporting GEDCOMs, including work on submissions/LDS issues. Large files can take a little time to import.

A new base (Utf-8) format is available. The data is saved in the data base with encoding UTF8 and that allows the use of non-Latin languages, exported in a gedcom by ohmiGene, and read by any software able to read a file encoded in Utf-8.

Some Changes/Information

* All the contexts defined in the original GEDCOM format are available : individual record sheets or family, events or attributes… without losing relationships, duplicates, multiple identities/aliases
* The majority of these contexts support an unlimited number of illustrations , notes , texts , sources and witnesses (not envisioned in the original GEDCOM format).

* Each individual can be marked using 24 different, personalized criteria and be found thanks to this mark.

* It is possible to create lists of work , according to a multitude of criteria, with facility or to do list using ascending, ancestors, or nearest relatives of an individual.
* These lists can be the object of tasks in series (marks, sources…), printed or exported in various formats: GEDCOM, GmC, normal or tabulé text (CSV?)…
* It is possible to memorize to 8 lists and to carry out logical operations top.

* The deletion of an individual record sheets is sent to the trash, from where it is possible to recover as long as it hasn’t been emptied.
* The possibility of exporting various types of lists

* A module has been added to manage duplicates.

Any errors in translation are the result of the Google/machine translation – I’ve tried to clean up the translated version as best as I can.

You can view screenshots and download it here (ohmi.celeonet.fr).