ohmiGene 0.90 Final

ohmiGene 0.90 Final has been released. ohmiGene is “software for the creation and the management of genealogical data … which works on MacOS X and Windows, even Linux. A database created on Mac works on PC (Windows or Linux), and vice versa. The structure of the database was defined to be in maximal agreement with the GEDCOM format: if any context concerning the submission of a file to the church LDS is absent, almost totality of the other contexts are correctly handled (import, manipulation and export…) : OhmiGene is a software which respects a GEDCOM file at import (and export).”
ohmiGene 0.90

You can see a screenshot of the main interface here, or view the new menus/changes here (both of those are at ohmi.celeonet.fr).

It can be downloaded here (ohmi.celeonet.fr). Both Mac and Windows/PC versions are available. There is also a program at the bottom of that page that will allow you to transfer your genealogy data from ohmiGene 0.7.x.

Some Characteristics:

– All contexts defined in the gedcom format are available : individual or familial records, events or attributes without forgetting relations, (tag ASSO), double possible (tag ALIA), or multiple identities which are forgotten by many softwares !
Most of these contexts support an unlimited number of illustrations, notes, texts, sources and witnesses (not defined by the gedcom format).
– Every person can be marked by means of 24 criteria customizables and found due to this mark.
– It is possible to create working lists, according to a multitude of criteria, with ease or to list ancestors, descentants or close parents of a person.
These lists can handled for tasks in series (marks, sources … ), printed or exported in various formats : gedcom, GmC, normal tabulated text …
It is possible to memorize until 8 lists and to make logical operations with them.
– The deleted individual cards are put in a trash can. It is possible to get back them as long as the trash can is not emptied.
– There is a possibility of exporting various types of quick lists …