ohmiGene 0.91.2

ohmiGene 0.91.2 is available. ohmiGene is “software for the creation and the management of genealogical data … which works on MacOS X and Windows, even Linux. A database created on Mac works on PC (Windows or Linux), and vice versa. The structure of the database was defined to be in maximal agreement with the GEDCOM format: if any context concerning the submission of a file to the church LDS is absent, almost totality of the other contexts are correctly handled (import, manipulation and export…) : OhmiGene is a software which respects a GEDCOM file at import (and export).”
ohmiGene 0.90

Note: The previous version is 0.90, covered here, and so it went from 0.90 -> 0.91.2 .

Download here

* Compiled with a new version of REALbasic (author asks that you report any bugs you come across)
* Dynamic Four generation tree of the active person can be displayed/printed and/or used for navigation
* Working Lists – print, export to text file or GEDCOM
* Modify personal references, criteria of publication, marks, and sources for all individuals in the database.