Macworld looks at MacBook Pro, Migration Strategies

Macworld has a “First Look” at the new MacBook Pros, that some maybe interested in looking, if you are interested in the first of Apple’s Intel-based notebook offerings.

They have some good benchmarks in relation to apps on PowerPC vs Intel, including Photoshop. Considering that a lot of non-multimedia software that genealogists use don’t necessarily rely on a speedy processor, they had good news as well, to quote Jason Snell from the article, Several of my bread-and-butter applications, most notably Eudora and Microsoft Office, aren’t currently available in versions that run natively on Intel processors. But I honestly haven’t perceived any slowness in those applications.

Over at the Apple Blog on ZDNet, Jason O’ Grady has published some Photoshop Benchmarks

Also over at the same blog on ZDNET, Jason has an article on MacBook Migration Strategies that doesn’t just apply to MacBooks, but any Intel-based Mac.