Genealogy Pro 2.0 Pre-Release 5

Genealogy Pro 2.0 Pre-Release 5. That’s right, a 10th Mac genealogy application that is being actively developed (and since the Intel transition was first announced, I believe all 10 have seen or will shortly see new releases, and while they may not be Universal Binaries, they still should run just fine under Rosetta).

This pre-release should be the final pre-release version. It requires Mac OS X 10.2.8, and sells for $20 (with a 30-day free trial).

Quick screenshot gallery:

A bit of history, from the developer’s website:

Genealogy Pro was first published as a software program for MacOS in 1995. It was rewritten native for MacOS X and released as Genealogy Pro for MacOS X 1.0 as a freeware program in 2002. Version 1.0 is now retired and not supported. Genealogy Pro for MacOS X 2.0 is a significant update to version 1.0, and is now distributed on-line as a low cost commercial product.

You can view the developer’s site above, or the page about Genealogy Pro 2.0 for a version history of the pre-releases.

You can download Genealogy Pro 2.0 pre-release 5 here (