FTLCtimelines X

FTLCtimelines X timeline
FTLCtimelines X version has been made avalailable. FTLC stands for “finite time lines and circles”. FTLCtimelines X requires Mac OS X 10.2 or above, and is a program that allows you to create, edit, and work with timelines.


* Long BC dates in database lists not sorted correctly, fixed.
* Database’s trash couldn’t be emptied sometimes, fixed.
* Event and Span Lists were not copying to clipboard correctly when rows selected: fixed.
* Recent files may be individually removed (global settings > records tab).
* Secondary sort on some listboxes for some columns: see program help (general) for which and when (i.e. primary sort column entries held fixed while second column sorted).
* Records’ listboxes (events and spans): copy for table (menu item), (i.e. tab delimited column fields, new line for rows): for fit in other programs’ tables (fit dependent more…