MapMemo 2.5

Mapmemo 2.5 is available. Mapmemo is an application that allows you to drag a file or folder onto maps, charts, photos – basically graphic/image files, and then associates that file/folder with that place/location on the graphic file by creating an alias. That alias will launch the proper application associated with that file.
Image Map Memo

For a genealogist, it could be very useful if you wanted to look at migrations or locations, and wanted to associate files with a certain geographic location. As far as maps, you can use your own, maps off the internet, an exported map (such as Route 66), historical maps, etc.

Requires: Mac OS X 10.3+

* Universal Application and also runs on Intel-Macs in native mode.
* MapMemo files can now be browsed by Apple’s Spotlight search.
* There are new layer-functionalities and also some bug-fixes.