GEDitCOM 3.72

GEDitCOM 3.72 has been released by John Nairn. GEDitCOM is a customizable genealogy program for MacOS 8.1 with CarbonLib or Mac OS X. It’s customizable in that the interface and output can be changed by the user to an interface that they prefer (either one already pre-defined by other users, or one that the user has created). It’s centered around using GEDCOM files and maintaining GEDCOM compatability. You can download it here. It has a demo version that can be used to browse/view GEDCOM files to give you a feel for it (and the registered version includes free future updates).

Changes in 3.72 (User requested).
* Do a better job with name suffixes in exports.
* Make use of new “unmarried” option in some reports where it was not used.