Personal Ancestry Writer II v50 (25 Mar 2006)

Howard Metcalfe has releasedPersonal Ancestry Writer II (PAWriter II) version 50 today. PAWriter II is a MacOS/Mac OS X Genealogy Application that was designed from the ground up to have features similar to the original Personal Ancestral File (PAF) for MacOS. This release adds many new features including UI/navigation changes, pictures/multimedia (note: Version 49 will not be able to load data files that have had pictures added under Version 50).
Personal Ancestry Writer II

* Added pictures and a Pictures menu.
* Reassigned command-B, -O (letter O) and -W; command-B will now be used to
show/hide the shortcut buttons while command-O and command-W will be used in
the Pictures menu.
* Added tagging of people with pictures, and with pictures that can’t be found.
* Added a Window menu.
* Updated the reference guide to reflect these changes.

For a full listing/guide to the pictures information, please refer to the reference guide under Basic Navigation > Accessing Pictures menu.

A caveat: Version 49 or earlier will not be able to load files to which pictures have been added in version 50 because the file structure has been enhanced to include references to the pictures. Version 50 will, of course, load any file from any earlier version of PAWriter.

Another caveat: This version is pretty well tested, but consider it Beta and please report problems to me ASAP. Best to keep a backup of your current file until we’re all confident of version 50.

Possible feature in the next update: launching a website whose address — URL — is highlighted in the notes window.)