NewsLetter 2.6

It’s been a while since we mentionedNewsletter, and version 2.6 was released this morning. NewsLetter is, in the words of its developer, a free batch emailer, speciallly thought for newsletters. Its interface is very simple and intuitive, and it features the creation of plain text and HTML messages (simple or multipart), customization of subject and body using “smart tags” and attachments (including inline attachments in HTML messages). You can send the messages immediatelly or save them in MBOX format.

Many of us maintaining contacts with spread out members of the family (i.e. we are the unofficial official contact point for everybody), and this is an easy way to keep in touch, as well as perhaps generate an interest in genealogy from other family members.


Highlights of Changes Since v2.2
Version 2.6
– Changed email encoding to UTF-8 (read help docs for more info).
– Updated documentation to reflect some important things.
– Built as universal binary.
– Extended filters for Entourage-import-addresses option.
– Added SSL support and override port options (XMail upgrade) –> ie, gmail support.

Version 2.5, December 26, 2005
– Added strong email verification. It should be now much faster and accurate (uses now a perl script and a powerful regular expression).
– Reworked documentation.

Version 2.4, December 15, 2005
– Added new scheduled newsletters .nls (see docs for NL automation).
– Reworked .nlt document icon and added .nls one.
– Better handling of mime types.
– Bundled XMail 3.2, bug fixes and new features.

Version 2.3, November 6, 2005
– Bundled XMail 3,.1 much more robust and with new features.
– Included cramsha1 authentication (XMail feature).
– Automatic detection of mime types.
– Unicode support in subject and plain text body.
– Support for any kind of inline attachment: flash, sound, movies, etc. See the readme file regarding this feature.
– Added support for FileMaker Developer and FileMaker 8.

For a full ist of changes and fixes, please refer to Pescados Software.