Personal Ancestry Writer II Version 50 (15 April 2006)

Personal Ancestry Writer II
Personal Ancestry Writer II (PAWriter II) version 50, 15 April 2006, has been released by Howard Metcalfe. This is a free genealogy application that can run under either MacOS 8.6/9 (Classic) or Mac OS X. It’s written with the goal to have many of the same features found in the original Personal Ancestry File genealogy program (PAF for Mac). This version consists of enhanements in the outpout/reports and the navigation window.

Made minor enhancements to HTML/RTF/MML reports:

* Nicknames now appear before surnames.
* In the indented list of issue of a marriage, if a son has married a widow, the widow’s name now appears in the standard format: GivenNames (MaidenSurname) LateHusband’sSurname. (This would also appear in the unusual case of a son marrying a polyandrist, but won’t appear for a divorcee.)

Also politely disallowed quiting PAWriter from any window except the navigation window to ensure any changes will be saved.