MemoryMiner 1.0.6

GroupSmarts, LLC has released MemoryMiner 1.0.6. MemoryMiner is a Mac OS X appliaction (Mac OS X 10.4.3+/Universal Binary) that allows you to use photos as “individual frames in a type of endless story board. The story elements are linked to each other by way of annotation layers identifying the people, places, dates and events captured in each frame. As links are made, it becomes easy and tremendously interesting to explore the threads which link people’s lives across time, place and shared experience.”

The only change in 1.0.6 was to “Adjust map downloading code to keep up with changes in the Mapquest web site.”

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MacPAF – Universal Binary, Private #2

MacPAF has some major news this morning – the second private beta has been released, and it is now being compiled as a Universal Binary (a major feat considering that Apple hasn’t released that much information about compiling Cocoa-Java applications as a Universal Binary). One of the updates in this beta is importing sealing ordinances from old PAF 2.3.1.

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Personal Ancestry Writer II Version 50 (6 April 2006)

Personal Ancestry Writer II version 50, 6 April 2006, has been released by Howard Metcalfe. It’s free and can run on MacOS 8.6 – Mac OS X. It’s written to give you many of the same features found in the original Personal Ancestry File genealogy program. This version corrects a few errors and adds a new feature, and changes another.

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