Family Ties (Familienbande) – April 25, 2006

Family Ties Familienbande

Two new versions of Family Ties/Familienbande have been released over the past month as well. The most current release is 25 April 2006. It’s a free Mac OS X (and possibly MacOS 8.6/9 with Carbon) genealogy application from Stefan Mettenbrink. It is currently only available in German, however it is useable by non-German speaking genealogists. We’ve provided a page with a list of translated features here.

A rough translation (checking against a few sites that translate text) of the changes are listed below. Please understand that any errors in the version history are a result of the translation software.


* Error in “replacing” fixed.
* In the table view, umlauts are considered when sorting.
* “Encylopedia” revised.
* After closing the document administration window, the display was not updated.
* One can now search for the descendant number.
* When adding new individuals through the “add from parents or foster parents” dialogue, duplicate entries were created.
* Sometimes under Windows, the tables for partners and children were drawn too large.
* Error message popped up if you clicked on the surface areas around the individual list.
* When importing from Excel /CSV, it can ignore the first line ( i.e. column title).
* The cause of death is now exported with the funeral.
* Small improvements in the reference picture function/dialogue.
* When closing the general document administration window, changes were always listed, even if none were made.
* In the family administration window, the first names were wrongly indicated, if a “rufname” (first or Christian name) were present.
* Errors in multiple search fixed.
* Extended multiple search for descendant number.
* New text/HTML export
* Various other errors fixed.