MacFamilyTree 4.4


MacFamilyTree 4.4 has been released by OnlyMac Software. This is a major upgrade to MacFamilyTree, which is a Universal Binary. Among the changes – there is now a new major topic in the reports.

* Reports: MacFamilyTree got a new major topic. The first available report is a kinship report that lists all related persons to the currently selected family. The kinship report can show all relatives and name them up to the 6th generation. The revised Person List is also under Reports as well as the Summary.
* The Media folder with the pictures can be placed inside documents/pictures, we advise to place it there.
* Personal dates from living persons can be hidden
* HTML export
* You can set the name of the index file

* Additional fixes for the html export
* Fixed a crash with Search
* Problem with truncated URLs are fixed
* Aditional enhancements and fixes

It can be downloaded here.

2 thoughts on “MacFamilyTree 4.4”

  1. As soon as you can, please extend the kinship report more generations. My data goes to the 9th generation for some branches of the family.

  2. I agree; extend the kinship in the heritage chart and report. Also, some relationships are incorrectly listed in the report. (i.e. step-sibblings being called half siblings. people being listed as their own partner.) Still a great program.

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