Reunion 9.03

Reunion 9Reunion 9.03 is available for download (download here ( Version 9.03 of the genealogy application includes fixes when transferring files back and forth between PowerPC and Intel-based Macs, improvements in Citations, last name handling, fixes/changes in editing, as well as many other changes.

* Editing in Lists – added a button to disable editing in lists. This is a global preference and is located in the Index Preferences window.
* Cross Platform issues – fixed endian problems when moving files from PPC to Intel or vice versa.
* Citations – Citations in text of note fields are copied/pasted, and can be dragged/dropped.
* Clipboard – fixed problems removing and deleting people from the Clipboard.
* Index – single quote is ignored when determining prefix words (so a surname like O’Reilly will be considered one word.
* Last Name UPPERCASE button – McDee will be converted to McDEE.
* Initial Caps button – will ignore quotation marks in fields.
* GEDCOM Export window – the “GEDCOM character set” popup menu setting is remembered (this is not a global preference).

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ohmiGene 1.49.51

ohmiGene 1.49.51 was released to address a bug introduced in 1.49.45. It can be downloaded here ( Fixed * Fixed a bug introduced in 1.49.45: recorded unions (marriages, etc.), could be broken if a GEDCOM was imported into an already existing record. This update is mandatory before importing a GEDCOM … Read more

ohmiGene 1.49.50

ohmiGene 1.49.50 has been released. ohmiGene is a cross-platform (Windows and Linux as well) genealogy application, that is designed to “respect a GEDCOM file at import (and export).” This consists mainly of bug fixes and improvements (User Interface, etc.). There has been one new feature added. There is a full … Read more

Mac OS X – 6th Birthday (March 24, 2001)

MacDailyNews mentions that today, March 24, 2007, is Mac OS X’s 6th birthday. They’ve posted the original press release online. “CUPERTINO, California—March 21, 2001—Apple® today announced that beginning this Saturday, March 24, customers can buy Mac® OS X in retail stores around the world. Mac OS X is the world’s … Read more

Osk 4.5

Osk 4.5 has been released. It’s a genealogy application for Mac OS X (Universal Binary) that focuses on making it easy to handle difficult genealogy data, including same-sex couples, adoptions, multiple marriages, etc. It has a component to export your family tree to the web, as well as working with … Read more

Bee Docs Timeline 1.53

Bee Docs Timeline has been updated with two minor changes. This brings it up to version 1.53. Bee Docs Timeline is a Universal Binary application that handles timelines – charts, exhibits, etc. It has an automatic layout feature, and can be exported as a PDF file (as well as TIFF, … Read more