Reunion 9.01

Last night, Reunion 9.01 was released, which contains mostly fixes for problems that popped up with the release of Reunion 9, which was released last week. Reunion 9 is the latest version of the Reunion genealogy program from Leister Productions. Some of these are specific to Mac OS X 10.3.9 users.

* Upgrading Family Files – fixed a problem where the family file conversion got hung/stopped in some cases.
* Upgrading Family Files – fixed a problem where bold text in note field would become bold to the end of the field. (OS X 10.3.9 only).
* View, Flags – fixed crash when displaying more than 3 flags in a view.
* Add Source popup menu in Edit Person / Events – citations added with Add Source popup (when choosing New) are now properly added to citations list.
* Register and Ahnentafel reports – fixed problem where RTF reports (to MS Word, TextEdit, etc.) would not finish. Eliminated nonsense characters that were output when reporting “never married.”
* Privacy Filter – fixed crash when creating reports using privacy filtering.
* Family Card – fixed a navigation delay when preferred pictures are turned off.
* Family Card – when a missing preferred picture is encountered and found, the new path will be retained.
* Multimedia – fixed problem where very small images appeared on family card and in Multimedia window.

* Edit Person / Facts – Initial Caps btn now works properly.
* Charts – added refresh after choosing Tree -> Move Boxes off Page Breaks to properly place the frame.
* Multimedia, Add Item button – PICT files no longer appear disabled in the File -> Open window.
* Bookmarks – you can now add a bookmark (by drag and drop) when bookmarks are “off” as per manual.
* Source List, Edit Source windows – enabled Min/Max buttons.
* Find Anything – fixed problems with searches for “Age at First Marriage” and “Age at First Child.”
* Replace window – changed name of button from Cancel to Close.
* Place List – fixed a problem with editing place names in the Place List window and entering extended characters.
* Change Case / Uppercase button / Sorting – won’t sort on Prefix words with less than x letters
* Web Family Cards* – improved formatting of single people in CSS output. (Note: in order to get the fix for Web Family Cards you must Quit Reunion, delete your ~/Library/Application Support/Reunion folder, and restart Reunion).

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