Family 2.0.2

MacFamilyTreeFamily version 2.0.2 has been released by Saltatory Software. Family is a Universal Binary genealogy application for Mac OS X. This release includes changes to the “StoryTelling” and “Additional Information” areas of the application, as well as improved search.

* StoryTelling and Additional Information are now on their own tabs.
* It is now easier to use formatting in the StoryTelling tab thanks to an action menu.
* Renamed Additional Information. It is now Documents and Media.
* Replaced the document icon. (thanks Leon!)
* Family now allows any text to be entered into the birth/death date fields.
* StoryTelling now has the ability to have a link created, via the action button.
* Fixed a problem with deselection.
* Added a new, built-in help system.
* Search now searches through dates as well as names.

It can be downloaded here (

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