Reunion 9.02

Reunion 9Reunion 9.02 has now been released. This contains bug fixes as well as requested changes and some changes concerning users upgrading to Reunion 9.

* Cascading Pedigree – return address is now included.
* Clipboard – fixed a problem updating the Index when using the Clear button in the Clipboard to delete people.
* CSS – cleaned up some CSS issues with web family cards and surname management.
* CSS – fixed a

problem in the CSS descendant report when putting places on a separate line.
* CSS – fixed span problem with citations in notes, making text progressively smaller for some web styles.
* Drag and drop – items from the Multimedia window can be dragged to children appearing in lists on the family card.
* Edit Family, adding children – sex was sometimes not retained (other possible related problems)
* Edit Person window – the Option + Enter key was adding a Return char in fields.
* Edit Person window – when editing citation detail, no longer need to press Enter key twice.
* Family Card – Age column in child list was empty for people who died after the maximum Living Age setting in date feasibility.
* Family Card – citation size in note fields on family card is smaller.
* Family Card – increased limit of citations visible in name field on family card to 25.
* Family Card, views – Other Children field will wrap text.
* Find -> Replace – fixed a problem with “whole word” searches.
* Find Anything – creating a preset with empty text field no longer says ‘(null)’ when the preset is recalled via a menu.
* Find Anything – tab key now behaves properly with fields in multiple conditions.
* Find Anything, Couples, Notes – now finds text properly.
* Finding, Searching & Sorting – improved when words include diacritical marks.
* Fonts – “Data Entry/Lists” font choice will also be applied to the free-form text field of source records.
* Fonts – note field fonts (chosen in Field Preferences) apply to data entry and on the family card.
* GEDCOM files – changed icon of GEDCOM files to distinguish from family files.
* Insertion cursor in index, place lists, tab key – no longer disappears due to System Preferences/Keyboard & Mouse/Full Keyboard Access/All Controls setting.
* Interface – when focus is on popups or checkbox btns, the Return or Enter key will function properly.
* Match & merge people (Identical last name, similar first name) – fixed problem with progress bar.
* Multimedia / Add Item – bmp files appear enabled in the File -> Open window.
* Multimedia window – created a fix for very rare cases where Multimedia window would not open and items in the list would disappear.
* Multiple family files, Edit Person windows – source descriptions were cross pollinating (this was a display problem only).
* Painter’s Picker – improved compatibility with this 3rd party utility to avoid crashes at launch.
* Report Indexes – improved support for diacritical marks and other non-sortable characters.
* Sources – fixed a problem when reporting sources at the end of reports.
* Unicode/Upgrading – better support for European, Hebrew, Greek, Icelandic and Russian text when upgrading.
* Upgrading – addressed several family file upgrading issues.
* Upgrading – fixed a problem when upgrading files with gaps in source numbers.
* Web family cards with person sheets – sources are now included.
* Web output – improved memory management when creating web media pages.

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