Reunion 9.03

Reunion 9Reunion 9.03 is available for download (download here ( Version 9.03 of the genealogy application includes fixes when transferring files back and forth between PowerPC and Intel-based Macs, improvements in Citations, last name handling, fixes/changes in editing, as well as many other changes.

* Editing in Lists – added a button to disable editing in lists. This is a global preference and is located in the Index Preferences window.
* Cross Platform issues – fixed endian problems when moving files from PPC to Intel or vice versa.
* Citations – Citations in text of note fields are copied/pasted, and can be dragged/dropped.
* Clipboard – fixed problems removing and deleting people from the Clipboard.
* Index – single quote is ignored when determining prefix words (so a surname like O’Reilly will be considered one word.
* Last Name UPPERCASE button – McDee will be converted to McDEE.
* Initial Caps button – will ignore quotation marks in fields.
* GEDCOM Export window – the “GEDCOM character set” popup menu setting is remembered (this is not a global preference).

* Match & Merge People – fixed problem where bad links were created on some families (Intel only).
* Ages window – fixed a problem where partial dates (like ‘ca’ dates) caused the age to not be calculated.
* Citations in Note fields – in certain circumstances, citations would become < > when the Date Feasibility sheet appeared.
* CSS “default” style – fixed indentation problem when memo fields were included.
* Edit Event sheet – memo field properly limits text to 1,000 characters.
* Edit Family / Notes window – the cursor will appear, ready for data entry, when the Notes tab is selected.
* Edit Family window / Children section – choosing “No Children” will enable the Save button.
* Edit person window / Notes field – fixed a cosmetic problem where, after adding citation in text, the font changed.
* Endnotes – titles of source fields in endnotes were appearing at the wrong places.
* Family Group Sheet, print preview – removed extra occurrence of note fields in questionnaire format.
* Icons in note fields – Fixed a problem where a URL in the citation detail field would show a file icon in the note field.
* Index Preferences – added warning when a re-build is necessary.
* Manual – manual will work properly if the application’s path includes the Option-f character.
* Match & Merge People – fixed a hang when doing “Identical Last Name, Similar First Name” comparisons.
* Match & Merge Sources – fixed a problem where matching would stop when an empty source record was encountered.
* Match and Merge People – fixed problem where Direct Line and Child Status settings were lost.
* Navigating – fixed a problem where the wrong people appeared on family cards when image links were invalid; particularly with alias files.
* Place List – increased size and limit of the sheet for editing the place subtitles in the Place List.
* Privacy Filter, Report crash – fixed problem where the Privacy Filter would crash when generating initials for people with more than one word in the first name and more than one space between those words.
* Show Usage of Source x – default Report title is fixed.
* Source List – refreshed when a new source is added using the Add Source -> New popup in the Edit Person window.
* Stop button – The Stop button, in Reminders progress window and elsewhere is more responsive.
* Web Family Cards with “flat” option enabled – no longer hangs.
* Web output – when a URL was the last string in a note field, it was not converted to a link.

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