Reunion 9

Reunion 9
Guess what? A year or two in the making, but Reunion 9 is here. That’s right. This is the first OS X native version (Universal Binary – it requires Mac OS X 10.3.9) of this popular Mac genealogy program. There is so much new stuff that it’s going to take us a few days to sort through and check it out.

For a full feature set with explanations for everything, see

Here’s a all-to brief rundown of the new and upgraded features:
* Pod cards for your iPod – a new way to carry data with you.
* Treetops – shows a quick list of the earliest ancestors for any person.
* Last Names list – show all unique last names (surnames) in your family file.
* Spell checking.
* CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) web styles offer elegant design, flexibility, and precise control of reports destined for the web.
* Drag and drop to add people from the Index to the family card. If you’re about to add a child, parent, or spouse to somebody, and you know that the person is already entered in the family file somewhere, just open the index and drag the person from the index over to the correct spot on the family card.
* Drag and drop to add sources from the Source List to events, facts, notes, and names. Keep the Source List open as you’re adding data and when you need to cite a source, just drag and drop it into the field.
* Unicode support allows for multilingual text using different languages.
* Ability to find citation detail. For example, you can find everybody linked to page 106 of a particular book.
* Import and export of multimedia links in GEDCOM files.
* Slideshows.
* Toolbar on the family card (Customizable).
* Ability to mark people whose information cites any particular source.
* Reminders – an enhanced startup option to let you know, in advance, of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
* New search box for searching source records.

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Personal Ancestry Writer II Version 67 (1 March 2007)

Personal Ancestry Writer II (PAWriter II) version 67 (Dated: 1 March 2007) was released yesterday.

It’s a free Mac genealogy application being developed by Howard Metcalfe. It’s been designed to have many of the same features found in the original Personal Ancestry File (PAG) application for MacOS (Classic). There are versions for both Mac OS X and Mac OS 9. This is a fairly major update to PAWriter II.

* General notes are now treated as private notes when Exporting a GEDCOM for Another Program, and are no longer included in such GEDCOMs. Other programs may not properlly process multiple notes in this context since only one such note is allowed in the GEDCOM standard, and such notes may contain your own personal “to do” list, “have done” list and other status information in multiple notes.

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Family Ties (Familienbande) – February 26, 2007

Family Ties Familienbande

A few days ago (February 26, 2007), a new version of Family Ties/Familienbande was released. It’s a free Mac OS X (andMacOS 8.6/9 with Carbon) genealogy application from Stefan Mettenbrink. It is only available in German, but it can be used by non-German speaking genealogists. We’ve provided a page with a list of translated features here. There is apparently an Intel-specific version available if you contact the author (the normal version runs fine on either PowerPC or Intel-based Macs).

The following is a translation of the changes, using Google’s language tools. There maybe inaccuracies.


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ohmiGene 1.49.45

ohmiGene 1.49.45 has been released. ohmiGene is a cross-platform commercial genealogy application (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X PowerPC, Mac OS X Intel), and is designed to “respect a GEDCOM file at import (and export).” It allows you to associate an unlimited number of files to the genealogy data in your GEDCOM (notes, text data, sources, pictures, etc.).

It can be downloaded here (